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What's here?

This is our class website.  Here we can find:

  • links to class blogs
  • course calendar
  • links to dictionaries
  • links to fun websites
  • information for parents
  • information about me
  • information for teachers
  • contact

Class Blogs - Teenage, Adult and Exam Classes (age 13+)

There is a blog for each level - if I have two classes at the same level we will share the blog.  On your class blog we can find:

  • information about the course
  • important announcements and reminders
  • your projects
  • your compositions
  • revision or extra activities
  • your comments on your peers' work
  • links to Cool English where you can find dictionaries and fun websites

Kids (age 4 to 12)

All levels P to T3/T4 (depending on age) share one blog where we can find:

  • our class projects
  • a private area for photos and videos
  • links to interesting kids websites and dictionaries


How to use this website
You can access everything you need from your class blog.  Click on the link to your class blog on the right.  You can also access dictionary links and fun links from this website.

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