I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne in England and teach English to mainly kids and teenage students in Seville, Spain.

I did my initial teacher training in 2006 (CELTA) and since then I have completed the IH Young Learners Certificate and the Cert ICT Teaching Languages with Technology. I am currently working towards the modular DELTA which I hope to complete next year. Before moving to Spain, I was an IT Systems Engineer in London.

I have a passion for technology and teaching and I believe that the Internet offers enormous opportunities to help language learners improve the skills they need to communicate effectively in their chosen foreign language. For teachers, there are unlimited authentic, motivating and relevant resources and for students there is a huge array of language websites where they can practice specific skills.

My class website and blogs provide links to some of my (and my students') favourite websites for English language learners. My aim is to encourage my students to become autonomous language learners by providing them with the tools to practice English outside of the classroom as well as in the classroom. 

I also have two teachers' blogs:

Helen's EFL2.0 - the purpose of this blog is to write about some of the online tools I come across and how I use them in class.  There are also some general ramblings about life as a TEFL teacher!

Lesson Plans and Activities - is a place to store my own personal online materials and links to other online resources I have used in class for a particular purpose.

All of the content on all of my blogs is free to be used by anybody.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, reading, swimming, learning, science fiction films, the Internet and building web pages.

You can contact me here.


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