Hello and welcome to my classroom website. I have created this website for myself and my students to use in class and (hopefully) at home!  It contains lots of useful and interesting links that I hope will encourage my students to practice English on a daily basis.

I also have two teacherĀ“s blogs:

Helen's EFL2 contains my ramblings about new technology, teaching in general and, now that I'm studying the DELTA, the ups and downs of doing the DELTA.

Lesson Plans and Activities is an attempt to bring together my own online materials, links to other resources on the internet and put them into some kind of order.  On this blog, you will find lesson plans and activities ranging from one minute warmers to complete  lesson plans. 

For information about how I use the individual class blogs, please see the home page of this website.  The blogs are named after the class level at my academy - here is a rough guide to the class levels: 

L1 = 6-7 years old
L2/Y1 = 7-9 years old
L3/Y2 = 8-10 years old
L4/Y3 = 9-11 years old

T2 = Teens 11-13 years old (2nd year Beginner)
T3 = Teens 10-13 years old (Through L/Y Stream or 3rd year Beginner)
T4/J2 = Teens 11-16 years old (Through L/Y Stream or 4th year)
T5 = Teens 13-15 years old (Pre-Intermediate)
T6 = Teens 13-16 years old (Intermediate)
T7 = Teens 13-17 years old (Upper Intermediate 1)
T8 = Teens 14-18 years old (Upper Intermediate 2)

A1 = Beginners CEF A1
A2 = Elementary CEF A1/A2
A3 = Pre Intermediate CEF A2
A4 = Pre Intermediate CEF A2/B1
A5 = Intermediate CEF B1
A6 = Upper Intermediate CEF B1/B2
A7 = Upper Intermediate CEF B2

T6 to T8 correspond with A5 to A7 on the CEF scale (and use the same coursebooks)

Many of the resources and materials on this website and the various blogs are created by my students and me. You are welcome to use any of these resources as you wish.  If you do, I would be interested to know how you use them and you can leave a comment on the relevant blog. 

Other resources are from well-known English language learning websites and are free for anybody to use.

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